Hillcrest Walkathon 2018

Thank You for Supporting Hillcrest!


We want to thank the wonderful people & companies

who have supported our Walkathon.  We appreciate it!  



Platinum Sponsor (Gold T-Shirt & Gold Booth)

Bostelman Family

T-Shirt Sponsor (Gold)

Adventure Time Extended Day Care

Erika Lonergan - Red Oak Realty

Heidi Machesotti - Highland Partners

Stuart Maus - Red Oak Realty

T-Shirt Sponsor (Bronze)

Jennifer Bauer - The Grubb Company

Booth Sponsor (Gold)

Philippa Roberts

Booth Sponsor (Silver)

Roven Family

Booth Sponsor (Bronze)

E.G. Righellis D.D.S. Inc.


James, Anne & Hayden Cadwell

Marcone Family

Market Hall Foods

Mr. Burge’s - 5th Grade Class

Mr. Shogren's Kindergarten Class

Mr. Wilson’s - 2nd Grade Class

Ms. Bahr's - 3rd Grade Class

Ms. Buswell’s - 2nd Grade Class

Ms. Inclan's - 1st Grade Class

Ms. Nelson’s - 3rd Grade Class

Ms. Rochester’s Kindergarten Class

Ms. Royer’s - 1st Grade Class

Ms. TomSun’s - 4th Grade Class

Ms. Weinberg’s - 5th Grade Class

Ms. Wellman’s - 4th Grade Class

The Middle School

Tracy Hwang
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