Hillcrest Walkathon 2017
We would like to thank our sponsors, whose generous support help make this event possible.

Platinum Sponsor (Gold T-Shirt & Gold Booth)

Adventure Time - Extended Day Care

Heidi Marchesotti - Highland Partners

T-Shirt Sponsor (Gold)

Ensemble Capital

Erika Lonergan - Red Oak Realty

Stuart Maus - Red Oak Realty

T-Shirt Sponsor (Bronze)

Crenshaw/Wolverton Family

Jennifer Bauer - The Grubb Company

Booth Sponsor (Silver)

Amy Paul

Philippa Roberts

Booth Sponsor (Bronze)

Ethan Gardner

H2O at Home / Paula Tang

Marcone Family

Mary Kay by Meilian Flanagan

Middle School Classes

Mr. Dyer's Class

Mr. Shogren's Class

Ms. Bahr's Class

Ms. Buswell's Class

Ms. Harp's Class

Ms. Inclan's Class

Ms. Jardine's Class

Ms. Nelson's Class

Ms. Rochester's Class

Ms. Staniford's Class

Ms. TomSun's Class

Ms. Weinberg's Class

Thomas Family
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